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What Actually Happens When a Trans Athlete Transitions

Fears of trans women taking over women’s sports simply doesn’t match up with the reality of the effects that transitioning and hormone replacement therapy have on an athlete’s body.
Katelyn Burns

This Gender Neutral Athlete Wants to End Sex Segregation in Sports

Lauren Lubin became the first non-binary athlete to compete in the New York City Marathon this weekend. They hope for a future where professional sports are organized in ways that don't rely on sex.
Jon Shadel
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"I Wanted to Take the Mask Off": Harrison Browne on Coming Out as a Transgender Man in the NWHL

On Friday, Buffalo Beauts forward Harrison Browne became the first openly transgender athlete in U.S. team sports. In this VICE Sports Q&A, he talks about his decision to come out, the support he has received, and what comes next.
Kate Cimini
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A Girl in the Boys' Locker Room

I don't regret growing up as an athlete. But not everything about sports is healthy, and for me, as a transgender woman, the locker room was toxic.
Katelyn Burns

Throwback Thursday: Transgender Tennis Trailblazer Renée Richards Takes on the U.S. Open

In 1976, transgender athlete Renée Richards sued the United States Tennis Association in order to compete in the women's draw at the U.S. Open, a landmark case that still resonates.
Sean Newell
daily vice

We Talked to Team USA's First Transgender Athlete About Changing the Game

On this episode of Daily VICE, we meet up with duathlete Chris Mosier to talk about spending a year of his life fighting for the inclusion of transgender athletes in the Olympics.
VICE Staff
transgender athletes

"Call Me Matt"—Life As a Transgender High School Athlete

Matt Dawkins is finding out what it means to be a transgender athlete in the tumultuous world of high school.
Mary Pilon

MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Is a Woman, Get Over It

Fallon Fox is the first openly transgender fighter in MMA history, but losing to her in a fight doesn't mean Fallon has an unfair advantage. It just means she's better than you.
Paris Lees