transgender day of remembrance


'A Local Legend': Remembering Shantee Tucker, Trans Woman Killed in Philly

In September, Shantee Tucker was shot eight times and killed in Philadelphia. She is remembered by friends as someone who was always "the life of the party."


'A Shock to All of Us': LA's Trans Latina Community Mourns Viccky Gutierrez

Before being stabbed to death in January, Viccky Gutierrez was a vibrant member of the tight-knit Los Angeles trans Latina community.


‘My Baby Was Really Loved’: A Mother and Community Mourn De’janay Stanton

De’janay Stanton was just getting started when the 24-year-old Chicagoan was fatally shot in August.


Trans Day of Action Is the Answer to Corporate, Passive Pride

Photos and words from this weekend's event, which gave trans and gender non-conforming people of color a space to thrive.


Photos that Confront the Fear and Anxiety of Peeing While Trans

"I just want to pee, wash my hands, check if I have food in my teeth, and leave without being harassed."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump promises to pull out of the TransPacific Partnership, Kanye West is hospitalized, and more.


'She Is Already Dead, Why Do You Care': The Systems Putting Trans Lives at Risk

Nearly 300 trans and gender-diverse people were reported murdered in the last year, according to Transgender Europe's Trans Murder Monitoring project—and migrant trans people who are involved in sex work are particularly at risk.


How Society Let This Happen: The Transgender People Killed in 2016

In honor of the transgender men and women who lost their lives to violence and suicide this year, we're taking an in-depth look at the social institutions that deny trans Americans simple opportunities that many people take for granted.


The Trans Activists Fighting to Save Lives in Their Community

On the next episode of VICELAND's show BALLS DEEP, host Thomas Morton follows the lives of two trans women in the Bronx, Ti'aira Chanel and Chanel "International" Lopez. Lopez works with at-risk communities through her position at the New York City...


Why Are Trans Women Being Sent to Male Prisons in the UK?

Yesterday, news broke of a trans woman who killed herself in an all-male jail in Leeds, England. We spoke to lawyers and trans rights activists about what can be done.


A Crisis of Violence: Transgender Murders Increased 84% This Year

On the Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor the trans people who lost their lives to violence. In 2015, the number of deaths nearly doubled, but that only scratches the surface of what has become a national public health and safety crisis.


Trans Women of Color Face an Epidemic of Violence and Murder

The incoherent response by cops is just making the problem worse.