Transgender rights


Greed, Mismanagement and Private Equity: How Iconic LGBTQ Magazine “Out” Almost Died

“Out” magazine couldn't pay freelancers and nearly went bust during Pride Month.
David Uberti
Transgender rights

Black Trans Women Are Being Murdered. Why Aren't There More Arrests?

80% of trans women killed in the past five years were black, and only 42 percent of the cases resulted in an arrest.
Tess Owen

Opinion: The U.S. Is About to Decide if LGBTQ People Truly Count as Citizens

In an exclusive op-ed, Congressman Joe Kennedy III explains why LGBTQ Americans need the Equality Act to pass.
Joseph Kennedy III
Transgender rights

Trump plans to take health care protections away from trans patients

The new policies are expected within 10 days
Carter Sherman

What Happens When Colleges Try to Define Trans Existence?

Morehouse College's decision to become the first all-male HBCU to admit trans men raises questions about how colleges will attempt to define transgender identity for its students.
Tiq Milan
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This transgender soldier won’t give up on the military despite Trump’s ban

Because Sterling Crutcher was already serving openly in the military, the ban won't apply to him. Still, "It broke me," he said.
Shawna Thomas
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A Congressional Task Force for Trans Equality Is Mobilizing Against Trump

Its chairman, Democratic congressman Joe Kennedy III, has become a new leader for transgender rights in Washington.
VICE Staff

New Bill Aims to Prevent Gender Dysphoria 'Disease' From Spreading to Kids

House Bill 1108, which forbids teachers from educating their students about gender dysphoria, passed through the South Dakota House on Tuesday. The bill's sponsor claims it will "save" youth from getting "this disease."
Diana Tourjée
Transgender rights

2 women charged with kidnapping and sexual battery after following trans woman into a bar bathroom

They allegedly locked the door and fondled the woman’s buttocks and chest
Rex Santus
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How to Get Started on Your Gender Transition

Everything you need to know about insurance coverage of transgender and gender non-binary medical care.
Gaines Blasdel
Civil Rights

Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly voted to protect transgender people

On Tuesday, Massachusetts voters rejected a transphobic attempt to repeal a civil rights law.
Rex Santus

Trump's DOJ Tells Supreme Court It's Fine to Discriminate Against Trans Workers

President Donald Trump's Department of Justice told the Supreme Court it doesn't consider anti-trans workplace discrimination a violation of federal law.
Marie Solis