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The Transhumanist Future of Christmas

Kids might be disappointed.


Now that Humans Are Living Longer, College Should be Mandatory

Longer lifespans and a changing job market means maybe we should find more time for learning.


Why I'm Debating an Anarcho-Primitivist Philosopher About the Future

What happens when two fundamentally opposite philosophies clash.


The Era of Artificial Hearts Has Begun

For the second time ever, a truly permanent artificial heart was implanted into a patient. This is just the beginning.


​Telepathic Melodies Are the Soundless Music of the Future

No more wires; no more earphones; more play buttons. Just thoughts—and scans of those thoughts, meandering about your brain.


The New Bionic Sports of the Future Transhumanist Olympics

Some futurists think that in just decades, humans will sprint faster than horses, people will shoot guns with near-perfect accuracy using bionic eyes, and athletes will swim entire races without taking a breath.