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Svalbard's Political Hardcore Is the Soundtrack to the End of the Old World

The British outfit's epic new album, 'It’s Hard To Have Hope​,' is a fiery indictment of wage theft, sexual violence, and the repression of women's rights.


Grayceon's New Album Is Head-Spinning Doom With Hella Cello

Stream the experimental San Francisco sludge trio's masterfully complex new album, 'IV'—their first new material in five years.


Our Place Of Worship Is Silence's New LP Redefines Death Metal Darkness

Stream the Los Angeles death metal duo's savage, uncompromising new LP, 'With Inexorable Suffering.'


Wake's 'Misery Rites' Is a Grinding Blast of Misanthropic Therapy

Stream the Canadian grindcore outfit's most focused, caustic, and introspective work yet, and read our profile with vocalist Kyle Ball and guitarist Rob LaChance


Stinking Lizaveta's 'Journey To The Underworld' Is a Skronking Jazz-Doom Odyssey

Stream the new album from these Philadelphia experimental mainstays, out February 17 via Translation Loss


Call of the Void's 'Are You Fucking Kidding Me' Fucking Rules

Stream the brutally pissed new album from these sludgy, grinding hardcore maniacs (out December 16 on Translation Loss).


Vermin Womb's 'Decline' Will Probably Kill Us All

Stream the black/death/grind trio's highly-anticipated new album, and catch them on tour with WAKE and Theories.


Bhavachakra's Hellish Take on Experimental Black Metal Might Just End Us All

Stream the new album and delve into the darkness behind this angular new beast of a release.


Get Psyched on Darsombra's Latest Galactic Freakout, 'Polyvision'

Clap on a pair of headphones, close your eyes, and let Darsombra coax you away into a kinder, brighter, trippier plane of existence.


Sun Worship Hate Corpsepaint, Love Liturgy, and Believe That, in Black Metal, Less Is More

The Berlin black metal trio just rereleased their brilliant 'Elder Giants' album in North America via Translation Loss; listen here.


Giant Squid Is Here to Crush You with 'Minoans'

Stream the LP in full, and look for it on Translation Loss


Generation of Vipers and "Damaged Awake" Will Pummel You Into Eternal Sleep

Stream "Damaged Awake" and get ready for the beat down