A Festival? In a Transylvanian Castle? I Mean, Sure

Electric Castle's lineup looked like someone emailed every booking agent in the northern hemisphere saying: "right, Romania, who fancies it?"


How to Eat Like Count Dracula in Transylvania

Dracula's supper of choice is not usually available even to humans with an adventurous palate, but you can try the next best thing at vampire-inspired restaurants in Transylvania—now in present-day Romania.


How to Drink Homemade Hooch in the Balkans

On a recent tour of the Balkans, I was pleased to taste some bracing palinka, or homemade Hungarian fruit brandy. I was a little less pleased to try tuica, a Romanian moonshine. And you don't even want to know what's in the poo jacket.


What It's Like Seeing Your Hometown Turn into a Ghost Town

Photographer Dragoș Hanciu is trying to freeze some of the memories of his hometown, afraid for what could be lost next time he visits.


Let's All Go Hang Out at the 72-Foot-Tall Statue of Jesus in Romania

It sits at the end of a dirt road in Transylvania and you can ascend to the top and take in the surrounding countryside.


An Audience With the 'King of the Gypsies'

Dorin Cioaba, the newly elected head of the International Romani Union, plans to plead the Roma case for nationhood to the United Nations.


Transylvania Could Become a Barren Toxic Wasteland

The region—which makes up a large chunk of central Romania—is rich in gold, and a bunch of mining companies are keen to lock down their share of the action.


Midnight Sabotaging with Transylvania's Anti-Fracking Activists

Farmers, peasants, and eco-warriors are leading the guerrilla fight against energy companies in Romania they say are illegally seizing land.


Midnight Sabotage with Transylvania's Anti-Fracking Activists

Farmers, peasants, and eco-warriors are leading the fight against Romania's gas giants, who, they claim, are illegally seizing land and conducting seismic testing. I spent time with some of the more radical anti-frackers one recent night in...


Romanian Protesters Still Don't Want Gold Companies to Blow Up Their Mountains

Since the beginning of this month, tens of thousands of Romanians have been regularly protesting plans to destroy four of the country's mountains. The Transylvanian region of Roșia Montană, where the mountains are situated, is rich in gold and silver...


Gold Miners Are Exhuming and Trafficking Corpses in Romania

Since 2004, the Romanian Roșia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) has been illegally trafficking corpses in Roșia Montană, a mountainous area in the heart of—fittingly—Transylvania. The corpses in question are buried above a vast wealth of gold that the...