‘Six Months Of Hell’: Zika Is Hitting Some Travellers Harder Than Expected

A new study finds that a group of Canadian travellers experienced severe complications more often than anticipated.


What I Learned After Moving from New York to the UK to Marry a Gypsy

It quickly became clear to me how much racial prejudice Gypsies and travelers are forced to endure in Britain.


Inside Western Europe's Biggest Annual Gathering of Gypsies and Travelers

"People say: 'Why don't you lot go back to where you've come from?' But when we're on Appleby, we don't get that. Just for this week we get a sense of place, a sense of being, and a sense of ancestry."


The 'Battle of the Beanfield' Was the Beginning of the End for Britain's Illegal Raves

Thirty years ago today, a convoy of new-age travelers—including men, women, and children—on their way to a free party at Stonehenge were savagely beaten by 1,300 cops.


When Tourism Turns into Narcissism

Like the dude on safari who doesn't lift his head from the lens, many of us have started vacation to accumulate stories, photos, and experiences rather than just letting the unfamiliar wash over us, and reveling in the surprise of unexpected things.


Horsing Around at the Gypsy Mecca

Appleby Horse Fair has been dubbed the Gypsy Mecca, because every year Romany and Irish Traveller families come from miles away to get to the little Cumbrian village to celebrate their culture, meet up with old friends, and haggle for horses. It is the...


Why Are So Many Gypsies Killing Themselves?

A recent report shows that travelers and gypsies are in significantly poorer health than other UK-resident, English-speaking ethnic minorities. They're also more likely to suffer from miscarriages and still births, and suicide rates among gypsies have...


The Raving Outlaw Biker-Druids and Their 1575-Year-Old King

Since the 80s, King Arthur and his biker-druid followers have been protesting in support of the environment, druids' rights, and establishing open access to Stonehenge. These days, you can find him and his partner, the High Priestess, campaigning in...


I Was Abducted by Gypsies

It wasn't very much fun.


Feel Safe, Mars Travelers, Virtual Reality-Assisted Space Surgery Is Here

What if you fall and break your hip on the Moon, or even Mars?


I Hate Gypsies

Is that okay to say?