Travis Kalanick

The Unicorn

Unicorn, Trank, and Rasier: The Names Uber Uses to Do Business

A look at Uber's tangled web of subsidiary companies and codenames.
Mark Harris
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Republican wins Georgia special election, Travis Kalanick forced out as Uber CEO, US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria, and more.
VICE Staff

We Don't Need Uber

There are populist alternatives to Uber that don't come with a side of moral confusion.
Jason Koebler
Have U Noticed?

Wikipedia Editors Have Been Arguing About Travis Kalanick’s Nipples for 3 Years

Sarah Emerson
good riddance

Uber Is Cleaning House Ahead of Sexual Harassment Investigation

The results of Uber's "independent investigation" into harassment claims are coming to light.
Sarah Emerson
Uber mad

Let’s Watch Pittsburgh’s Mayor Slowly Realize Uber Is Not His Friend

A case study in how Uber screws cities with the help of their elected officials.
Jason Koebler
Genre Lifestyle

Was Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Really the 2nd Best 'Wii Tennis' Player in the World? An Investigation

We have some questions.
Jess Joho
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Uber Will Make Results of an Internal Sexual Harassment Investigation Public

The company has been taking heat lately after a complaint from a former employee.
Allison Tierney
uber sexual harassment

Uber Taps Former Advocates to Conduct ‘Independent’ Sexual Harassment Review

So far, there’s little convincing evidence that Uber’s “independent review” of sexual harassment claims won’t take Uber’s best-interests into mind.
Sarah Emerson

Uber Does Damage Control as Outraged Users Delete the App

Things got messy for Uber after President Trump issued an executive order, banning Muslims from seven countries from entering the US.
Sarah Emerson

Uber CEO and Pittsburgh Mayor Discussed Reducing State Fines, Emails Reveal

Travis Kalanick and Pittsburgh's mayor have a chummy relationship, emails obtained using Pennsylvania's Right to Know Act show.
Jason Koebler

The Head of CMU's Robotics Lab Says Self-Driving Cars Are ‘Not Even Close’

A conversation on rebuilding after Uber gutted the top lab.
Jordan Pearson