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2 Chainz Might Run For Mayor of College Park, Georgia

The Atlanta rapper stopped by 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.'
Lawrence Burney
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The Daily Show Actually Gave Trump Tweets Their Own Library

A pop-up exhibit and archive of POTUS tweets went up in New York City over the weekend.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Vince Staples Thinks Kids Should Have Pet Fish That Die Within Two Weeks

While on 'The Daily Show' he also spoke about his forthcoming 'Big Fish Theory' album.
Lawrence Burney

We’re Living in the Upside Down and Comedy Is All That Makes Sense

Even if it is nervous laughter.
Ryan Brown
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Obama Will Hit the 'Daily Show' for His Last Late-Night Stop as President

The interview will be Obama's first conversation with Trevor Noah since the comedian took over for Jon Stewart.
Lauren Messman
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Q-Tip Talks Donald Trump and America's Civil Unrest with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

On a press run to discuss A Tribe Called Quest's final album, Q-Tip addresses some of the country's biggest issues.
Noisey Staff

Trevor Noah Doesn't Care if He's Making 'Too Many Black Jokes'

We sat down with <i>The Daily Show</i> host for some real talk about stand-up, race in America, and why it's actually easier to write jokes around difficult issues.
Matthew James-Wilson

A Day in the Life of Trevor Noah

The one thing that's clear when you scroll through these photos is that Noah really loves what he does. And that's a great thing for us, because we want him to keep doing it forever.
Meron Menghistab

'The Daily Show' Is Still Standing After Trevor Noah's First Week

The comedian cracked jokes about Trump, Marco Rubio, and the Pope, and interviewed Chris Christie, while settling into his role as America's newest late-night funnyman.
Cody Wiewandt

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama meets with Castro, America prefers Joe Biden to any presidential candidate, Afghan security forces begin to retake land from the Taliban, and more.
VICE Staff

Trevor Noah Is America's New Political Stepdad

'The Daily Show' ushered in the post-Jon Stewart era last night with Trevor Noah, papal penis jokes, and who will get to go to Mars.
Jenna Marotta

Trevor Noah's Version of 'The Daily Show' Will Be Less White and More Internet-Friendly

We met Trevor Noah and the rest of <i>The Daily Show</i> team to learn what the new show will be like.
Jenna Marotta