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Trey Songz on Donald Trump, Being a Clone, and Stealing Your Girl

Welcome, friends, to The People Vs Trey Songz for "Nobody Else But You."
Noisey Staff
The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

The Noisey Questionnaire of Life: Trey Songz

Here's us throwing some important questions at your boy, Trey Songz.
Noisey Staff
New music

Here Are Those Two New Tracks 2 Chainz Promised Yesterday

Presenting: "Smartphone" and "It's a Vibe"
Lauren O'Neill
New music

UPDATE: 2 Chainz's Jhené Aiko, Ty Dolla Sign, and Trey Songz Collab Pulled, Two New Tracks Coming Tonight

"It's a Vibe" was a leak, but he's going to make it up to us.
Phil Witmer
Noisey News

Trey Songz Was Arrested in Detroit for Going "The Fuck Crazy"

The singer made good on his promise to act out if his mic was cut off.
Noisey Staff
Remix Report Card

The Fall Remix Report Card: Gucci’s Home and Running the Remix Circuit

Kanye West has deigned to appear on a few songs, too.
Al Shipley
Holy Shit

Let's Enjoy This Trey Songz "Life on Mars?" Cover We Didn't Know We Needed

It's for the soundtrack of HBO's 'Vinyl.'
Craig Jenkins
Internet Exploring

Trey Songz Celebrates His Birthday With a Letter to Fans and a Surprise Mixtape

The DJ Drama hosted mixtape features production by Mano, Rico Love, Cook Classic, and more.
Craig Jenkins
Remix Report Card

Were There Any Good Remixes for the Summer or What?

“Flicka Da Wrist,” “Fuck Up Some Commas,” “Post To Be,” and more get graded in the latest remix report card.
Al Shipley

Meet the Owner of Drake and Justin Bieber’s Favorite Tattoo Shop

Lee Baxter tells us about the time Chris Bosh flew him out, and what Justin Bieber is really like.
Matt Williams
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Well, It Sure Looks Like Trey Songz had a Nice Valentine's Day

Watch the R&B crooner's sultry video for "Slow Motion."
Noisey Staff
2014 in Review

Looking Back on the Amazing Year in Larry King's Interviews with Musicians

From making friends with fellow sex symbol Trey Songz to bringing up his ideal superpower at every turn, Larry King had a great year of interviewing rappers and singers.
Jonathan Peltz