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Hong Kong: Protesters Demand Justice for Masked Mob Who Attacked Them With Metal Rods and Clubs

Police knew about the suspected gang-affiliated attack in advance, took an hour to arrive on the scene, and didn't charge anyone for weeks.
Tim Hume
the Philippines

Duterte wants “lousy” U.S. to help fight drugs in the Philippines

Tim Hume

Why My Completely Open, Boundary-Free Relationship Works

While some may think there's a limit to the amount of love one can give, I discovered in London that the more my family expands, the more I feel the opposite is true.
Jeff Leavell
Cat and Mouse

How to Track a Triad

Two retired superintendents from the Hong Kong police force who spent decades hunting criminal groups left the force to set up their own private security company.
Justin Heifetz​​
VICE vs Video games

I Asked a Real-Life Drug Dealer How Realistic the Drug Dealing in 'Grand Theft Auto' Is

"Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" has got me moving acid and coke across Liberty City. But how do my exploits measure up to the real thing?
Mike Diver

The Challenges and Joys of a Three-Way Relationship

It's not always easy to share a boyfriend with your husband, but we couldn't be happier.
Jeff Leavell
The Future According to VICE

The Future of Drugs According to VICE

Until the planet explodes, melts, or drowns, humans will want to get high.
Max Daly

The Feds Say You Should Use Shitty Hotel Wi-Fi or Risk Being Spied On

The government's legal brief against an alleged Chinese mobster speaks to its unchecked surveillance powers in the Obama era.
Marcy Wheeler
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Beijing Supporters Clash with Pro-Democracy Camp in Hong Kong

Demonstrators recently set up a tent city blocking key areas of the city's financial hub, and sparks flew as a large pro-Beijing group responded with a counter-protest.
Liz Fields
asia & pacific

Pro-Beijing Supporters and Alleged Gang Members Clash with Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong

Counter-protesters attacked groups of demonstrators in the Mong Kok shopping district, prompting scuffles and heightening tension with police.
Steven Hsieh
crime & drugs

North Korean Meth, Motorcycle Gangs, Army Snipers, and a Guy Named Rambo

Two DEA busts in 2013 paint a lurid picture of a stranger-than-fiction international underworld that uses North Korea as a haven for meth production.
Keegan Hamilton