Tribeca Film Festival

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Alia Shawkat on Making a Sexy Film That's Not About Sex

In this episode of 'In Bed With Diana Tourjée', actress Alia Shawkat talks to us about "Duck Butter," her new film in which two women decide to have sex with each other once an hour for 24 hours.
Broadly Staff

This 72-Year-Old Takes Wacky, Wonderful Photos of Life in the Deep South

Jane Rule Burdine is the subject of a new documentary directed by the Bennett Sisters.
Kelsey and Rémy Bennett

These Celebrity Photos from the Early 2000s Are Proof You're Getting Old

Highlights from the early years of the Tribeca Film Festival include Frances McDormand in a bucket hat and Tom Cruise climbing an SUV.
Emerson Rosenthal
Kara Weisenstein
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Rachel Dolezal's Son Speaks Out About His Mom in a New Netflix Doc

'The Rachel Divide' will center on Dolezal's controversy and the people in her life who got dragged into it.
River Donaghey

Why My Grandma Loves Barbra Streisand (And You Should Too)

If your only point of reference is that one Duck Sauce song, you need to reassess.
Kara Weisenstein

Actress Zoey Deutch Is About to Become a Household Name

Between five feature films debuting in 2017, the "Flower" star sat down with Broadly to discuss preparing for the role of a free-spirited 17-year-old who scams older men.
Elena Sheppard

The Bad Boy Documentary Isn’t a Puff Piece (Although It Is a Puff Daddy Piece)

We talked to director Daniel Kaufman about the film that chronicles the rise of the Bad Boy empire.
Lawrence Burney

25 Years Later, The ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Reunite at Tribeca Film Festival

Mr. Blonde, White, Orange, Pink, and Quentin Tarantino talk about making the film and how audience reactions have changed since its release.
Ben Polsky

80-Year-Old Artist 'Hilda' Shines in a New Documentary

The Tribeca Film Festival premiere takes on issues of gentrification, lifelong creativity, and the art world’s disregard for aging artists.
Sami Emory
virtual reality

The Future of Virtual Reality Smells Like Dirt

Three groups at Tribeca Film Festival incorporated smell into their VR films.
Beckett Mufson
street art

Before Banksy and Basquiat, There Was Shadowman

Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival, ‘Shadowman’ is a documentary about the incredible talent and struggles of pioneering street artist Richard Hambleton.
DJ Pangburn

8 High School Students Got the Chance to Shoot Polaroids in Daniel Arsham’s Studio

Last week the artist invited eight students from the Henry Street Settlement to tour his massive Long Island City studio.
Andrew Nunes