trick or treat


'The Best Halloween,' Today's Comic by Zach Cunningham

A little girl has a strange reaction to a creepy-looking candy.


Protestors handed out free weed to the feds on Halloween

Marijuana advocates had tricks and smokable treats for the federal government on Halloween.


This “political haunted house” is even scarier than the election

The house includes installations like a tupperware party for guns and pro-life cheerleaders gleefully burning abortionists at the stake.


​Halloween Pranks for Grownup Millennials

Here are 13 super fun Halloween pranks millennial grownups can try, most of which—like so many horrifying things—are basically legal!


Matty Matheson's Doughnuts Are Too Good to Share with Trick-or-Treaters

What’s a little egg on your garage door if it means you don’t have to give these caramel glaze creations to a kid wearing a Star Wars costume?


Dos and Don'ts: The Halloween Weekend Edition

It's the most! Terrifying! Time! Of the year!


A Pharmacy Handed Out Antipsychotic Meds to Kids on Halloween

For reasons which aren't entirely clear to Quebec City police officers, the pills eventually got mixed in with the sweets.


Michael Frightens Young Trick-or-Treaters in This Week's Comic from Stephen Maurice Graham

"Oh! The sweet satisfaction of instilling blind fear in a child!"


Japan Is Breaking Its Tradition of Having Criminals Hand Out Halloween Candy

That’s right, it is with a heavy heart that we report that the Yamaguchi-gumi—Japan’s international crime syndicate—has just announced they will no longer be giving Kobe’s eager trick-or-treaters any deliciously festive candy.


Caramel Apples Are Poison on a Stick

Turns out it’s not jagged razors in apples that kids have to watch out for this Halloween. It’s caramel apples—and the dangerous part is the stick.


Your Favorite Halloween Candy Is Chock-Full of GMOs

As you sink your no-longer-young-and-cavity-free teeth into your favorite treats tonight, consider this: Pretty much everything you’re eating is confected from sweet, sweet GMOs.