This Russian Company is Selling Fake TripAdvisor Restaurant Reviews for $570 Each

Russia? Meddling in online fakery?? Bring me my smelling salts and ready the fainting sofa!
Jelisa Castrodale
michelin guide

I Made My Shed the Top-Rated Restaurant on TripAdvisor

And then served customers frozen dinners on its opening night.
Oobah Butler

TripAdvisor Will Now Warn You if Sexual Assault Occurred at a Hotel

After an investigation revealed that TripAdvisor deleted multiple posts by people alleging rape and sexual assault, the site added a new feature to identify hotels and resorts where these concerns have been reported.
Linda Yang
Reviewing Humans

I Took TripAdvisor's Harshest Reviewers Out and Reviewed Them

To complete the circle.
Oobah Butler

Women Threatened with Lawsuit, Jail Over One-Star TripAdvisor Review

Can a restaurant sue you for leaving a bad review? They sure can.
Jelisa Castrodale
Restaurant Confessionals

What Really Happens When a Food Critic Comes to Review Your Restaurant

Most of the time, you don’t know a reviewer from one customer to the next. But when one of the country’s top critics comes in, you fucking know it.

This Chef Is Trolling TripAdvisor with Crazy Reviews of His Own Restaurant

"I wanted to show how bullshit it is," says Gary Usher, the Chester chef whose fake write-up has been praised by food critics including Jay Rayner for exposing TripAdvisor's questionable review screening process.
Daisy Meager
restaurant industry

The UK Government Wants to Know How Reliable TripAdvisor Reviews Are

Much to the delight of harangued waitstaff, a UK business watchdog has launched an inquiry into the trustworthiness of reviews posted on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.
Phoebe Hurst

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Rapper Might Be Going to Jail Because of His Lyrics

Also this week: A hotel fined a couple $160 for leaving a negative review online.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Is Slum Tourism Really All That Bad?

Going to Rio and drinking beer while ignoring the favelas doesn't make you a paragon of virtue. I guess the debate will continue, but it's safe to say it's more complicated than knee jerk cynicism will allow for.
Katie Engelhart

Copenhagen Is Opening A Grocery Store Where Everything Is Free

This weekend, Copenhagen is opening its first "free" supermarket, a space where accepted payment is submitting online consumer reviews of the groceries—in essence, a walk-in advertisement of the brands that are stocked there. But does this new "tryvert...
Eleanor Morgan
Question Of The Day

What's the Worst Vacation You've Ever Been On?

These people have had some pretty awful vacay experiences.
Alice Mckeever