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This Tropical House "Thong Song" Remix is Real and It Is My Friend

Never fear, Sisqo is here to save 2017.
THUMP Canada Staff
Noisey News

There's a New Fergie Song and It Sounds Kind of Like "Big Girls Don't Cry"

This is a perfect banger: a song to listen to while your eyes well up on the dancefloor.
Lauren O'Neill

Could Music Cure the Worst Hangover Anyone's Ever Had?

One ruined, wrecked, awful feeling man tries to rescue himself from the edges of oblivion with music alone.
Josh Baines
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Go On an Interplanetary Journey with These Two Tracks from Montreal's Tc All-Stars

Hear the first single "Woove/Wooze" from the newly-formed anonymous production collective.
Max Mertens

Tropical House Hero Thomas Jack Doesn’t Even Like Tropical House Anymore

Tropical house is to dance music what The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” is to rock music.
Jemayel Khawaja
my first club

Goldroom’s First Club: When Dim Mak Ruled LA

“I was processing the show and I cried because I was so happy."
Rebecca Krauss
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Bit Funk Goes “Off The Ground” in a Tropical Breeze

Tropical house from the nu-disco titan.
Julia Martineau

How Kygo's 'Instagram House' Became the Soundtrack to Millennial Daydreams

What is "Instagram house"? You know what I mean: Producers remixing Ed Sheeran tracks with steel drums, pan-pipes, and 4/4 beats in a way that sounds just like the last day of your vacation.
Clive Martin

Klingande Tricked the World into Thinking He’s Swedish

“People come up to me at gigs and start speaking to me in Swedish. I don’t understand anything they’re saying.”
Rebecca Krauss
electronic pop

Goldroom Is a Beach-Tinted Songwriter, But Don’t Label Him Tropical House

"I could write a song that's as good as 'Free Fallin'' or 'Wonderwall,' then I can die happy."
Rachael D’Amore
guest editorial

Tommie Sunshine Talks Tropical House Haters, the Whitewashing of Dance, and his "Chicago Disco" with Chocolate Puma

From Chicago to Miami, Tommie Sunshine speaks the truth as his new single drops.
Tommie Sunshine

Whoa, It's Almost Bikini Season. Here's Champagne Drip's Tropical Remix of Lemonade's "Durutti Shores."

A track so sweetly tropical it sounds like Phil Collins and the Chiquita Banana girl's honeymoon song.
Michelle Lhooq