trouble and bass


Punching Goats and Smoking Spice: Our Favorite DJs Share Their Most Horrifying Weed Experiences

"If I think about it, my worst experience with weed is not being able to buy it legally in a properly regulated marketplace."


Trouble & Bass's Final Party Ever Was an Emotional Journey Back in Time

Legendary label Trouble & Bass threw one more party before shutting down for good.


Nevermind's Part Two EP is Fuckin' Tremendous

And cop this free download of "Pocketknife"


MIXED BY Doctor Jeep

Bashy house mutations from one of NYC's leaders of the nü school.


AC Slater - LMLY + Interview [THUMP Exclusive]

A free download of Slater's new Trouble & Bass banger, plus we talk to him about fro yo and shaking that donkey.


American Royalty - Hungry (Drop The Lime Look n' Move Dub) [THUMP Exclusive]

Beware of upstairs neighbors and small children before pressing play on this bass bomb from Drop The Lime and American Royalty.