truck driving


Experience the Ennui of Canadian Truck Drivers with This Computer Game from 1991

"CrossCountry Canada" will make you feel like you're actually deliver potash from Saskatoon to Winnipeg.


Slapstick Reel of My Life

A drunk driver rear-ended my mom’s car. It was night and his lights were off. My mom was driving. I heard her yell my name, then the words “control” and “steering wheel.” Something collided with my head and my face felt wet. This is but one highlight...


People I Met in Truck Driving School

This May I passed a trucking school on my bike and enrolled shortly after. For four weeks a small group of men and I watched instructional DVDs and took tests in a classroom Mondays through Thursdays from 5:30 to 10:45. Fridays we’d meet in a...