The Best Late-Night Jokes About Justin Trudeau's Blackface Scandal

“He’s not dressed as Aladdin, he’s dressed as Aladdin doing blackface,” Trevor Noah said of Justin Trudeau’s makeup color choice.


Canada Plans Fines for Tech Companies That Spread Disinformation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the planned "digital charter" to tackle online extremism, disinformation, and transparency, on Thursday.


Trudeau was informed that Huawei's CFO was going to be arrested. Trump was not.

“We were advised by them with a few days’ notice that this was in the works."


The Definitive Overanalysis of Donald Trump’s 41-Word Assault on Canada

In a few sentences, Trump managed to mock Canadian identity, Justin Trudeau, and even ‘O Canada.’


Trump aide accuses Trudeau of “backstabbing” as relations tank

Trump’s top economic advisor said the president doesn't want to appear weak to North Korea


Trump is feuding with more than half the leaders at the G-7

"Look forward to seeing them tomorrow.”


Photos from Toronto's Emotional Vigil for the Van Attack Victims

Thousands of people attended the vigil Sunday night.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

House passes school-safety bill that doesn't touch guns, second Trump lawyer linked to Stormy Daniels payment, and more.


Trump could pull out of Paris climate deal when he gets back from Europe

The leaders of France, Germany and Canada are all planning on pushing President Donald Trump to remain in the ambitious climate change agreement at the G7 meeting in Italy


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Mike Flynn somehow in more trouble than ever, generals urge Trump to surge troops in Afghanistan, South Korea picks a new president, and more.