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Congressional Retirement Tracker 2020: House Republicans Head for the Exits

It’s a particularly miserable time to be a House Republican.


This Democrat Went to a MAGA Rally to Try to Understand Trump Supporters

"Maybe I'll learn something new. I don't count on it."


‘Everybody's Talking About How Terrible I Am’ — Biden Takes Shots From All Sides In Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden was on the ropes as Booker, Harris, De Blasio, Castro, and Gillibrand piled on.


The Trump Campaign Bought Some of the Internet’s Priciest Real Estate During Tonight’s Debate

“It’s one of the loudest megaphones on the Internet, and he was able to snag that on a night that the spotlight is supposed to be on us.”


2020 Candidates' Latest Debate: Whether to Prosecute Trump

Trump’s alleged crimes have already become a major talking point on the campaign trail.


Trump Rolls Out All the 2016 Hits to Launch His 2020 Campaign

Hillary's emails, "Lock her up"... What year is it?


Trump Is Totally OK with Taking Dirt from Russia in 2020

"I think I'd want to hear it," said Trump, who recently instructed the attorney general to investigate the role of foreign governments in the Mueller probe.


Trump Is Setting an Impeachment Trap for Democrats

“The Democrats are in something of a box here, because institutionally, they can’t take no for an answer.”


New Trump Ad Begs You to Call Him and Say 'Thank You, President Trump!'

Or you could, you know, leave him a different kind of message.


The Midwest just sent a bad omen to Trump about 2020

“When you look at those Midwest wins, you can more than see a path for how a Democrat can win in 2020.”


This Chinese factory is already churning out Trump 2020 flags

Trump-branded products do well for Chinese manufacturers, whether they're affiliated with Trump or not.


Populist Trump now wants his base to be known as the "super elite"

They've graduated from "deplorables"