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5 days ago

The Complicated Legacy of the Migrant Caravan

“The caravan opened the floodgates for migration from Central America, but it also generated the backlash that then closed those gates”


How Trump Is Winning His War on Asylum Seekers

“We have sent asylum seekers back to Mexico, and said ‘hope you don’t die. Bye, bye’”


Why Guatemala's President Inked an Impossible Asylum Deal with Trump

“We don’t think he is negotiating this in the name of Guatemala. We think he is negotiating impunity for him and his family”


Why Jews Are Getting Themselves Arrested at ICE Centers Around the Country

Never Again Action wants to abolish ICE and Trump’s “concentration camps." They’re willing to invoke the Holocaust to make you care.


North Carolina Wants to Fire Sheriffs Who Refuse to Comply with ICE

It’s not the first state to force local lawmakers to comply with ICE against their will.


The Nigerian Army is using Trump's words to defend gunning down dozens of protesters

“We released that video to say if President Trump can say that rocks are as good as a rifle, who is Amnesty International?”


Central American migrants in caravan: We're coming whether Trump wants us or not

“We are going to stay there until he opens them. Until God touches the heart of Donald Trump.”​


Facebook can't decide if Homeland Security ads are “political content"

The DHS ads are a test case for Facebook’s new policies.


120 immigrant families are still separated because they signed a form they may not have understood

120 parents, some who have been separated for months, remain in immigrant detention because they signed a waiver giving up their rights to get their kids back. Many didn’t understand what they were signing.


The Trump administration asked 70 babies who can't talk to make their case in immigration court

At least 70 babies under the age of 1 have been invited to personally make their case to an immigration judge about why they should be able to stay in the U.S.


Central Americans are more afraid of their home countries than Trump

“The violence is terrible. Honduras is full of gangs.”