Trump russia reversal


The FBI investigated whether Trump himself was working for Russia in 2017: NYT

The blockbuster report throws a combustible new element into Washington’s already volatile political atmosphere.


Mueller says Flynn should avoid jail after 19 interviews with investigators

“Given the defendant’s substantial assistance and other considerations set forth below, a sentence at the low end of the guideline range... is appropriate and warranted.”


Trump’s not so sure about releasing those Russia docs he didn’t read after all

Observers described the potential release as a naked attempt to undermine the validity of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.


Paul Manafort spent decades pushing the envelope of what’s legal. His trial strategy is just as high-risk.

“Paul is an envelope expert: he knows exactly where the edge of it is.”


Mueller is using Paul Manafort’s $46,000 home karaoke and AV system against him

Manafort’s “karaoke song package” alone cost $950, according to the receipts.


Here’s almost 4 minutes of Obama throwing thinly veiled shade at Trump

Obama didn’t mention President Trump by name but talked about leaders who get “caught in a lie, and they just double down.”