Trump's finances

Trump emoluments

The Case Against Trump Profiting From the Presidency Is Back On

The decision by the U.S. second circuit court of appeals marks a breakthrough for those who accuse Trump of breaching the Constitution’s so-called emoluments clause.
Greg Walters
2 days ago

Trump’s Favorite Bank Just Forked Over a Pile of Documents to Democrats

Deutsche has had a longer and deeper relationship with Trump’s family business than any other major global bank, lending him hundreds of millions over the years.
Greg Walters
Trump's finances

Trump Still Faces 9 Investigations Into His Finances

“At least one of these investigations seems destined to succeed”
Greg Walters
Trump 2016 campaign

The Details of Trump's Hush Money Payments Are About to Go Public

“Now that the Government's investigation into those violations has concluded, it is time that every American has an opportunity to scrutinize the Materials.”
Greg Walters
Trump's finances

Democrats Just Got One Step Closer to Seeing What Trump’s Favorite Bank Has on Him

Trump’s week just got worse.
Greg Walters
The mueller report

Trump’s War to Keep His Finances Secret Just Lost Its First Battle

“This was definitely a win for the House.”
Greg Walters
Donald Trump

Hey Look, Trump Is Still Making Millions While President

The money poured in from a wide range of real estate and golf properties scattered around the world.
Greg Walters
Trump's finances

Trump is suing to stop Democrats from digging into his finances

He's trying to block a House committee’s subpoena of records from his accounting firm
Greg Walters