Our look back at Donald Trump's chaotic, consequential first year as president.

Trump Turned Millions of Us Into Obamacare Advocates

It's the most important thing Trump did in 2017.

Jason Silverstein

Trump's Deportation Force Is His First Year's Most Lasting Legacy

He's ignored protests to institute a harsh new regime targeting undocumented immigrants

Mark Hay

Trump Is Not a Dictator

But maybe he's the prequel to one.

Harry Cheadle

Trump's Year of Living Dangerously with North Korea

Directing rhetorical “fire and fury” at North Korea has given the world a daily dose of fear, and become the centerpiece of Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Is it working?

Mike Pearl

The Actually Great Bill Trump Signed His First Year

Though it didn't get much attention, the Elder Abuse Prevention and Protection Act could help a lot of people.

Mark Hay

Trump's Bigotry Will Make Millions of Americans More Sick

His actions ensure that discrimination will continue to be a problem well into the future.

Kunal Sindhu

Trump Is Turning Us All into Him

In the past year, everyone has gotten angrier and louder and more online. Will it ever end?

Eve Peyser

Neil Gorsuch Will Make the Supreme Court More Anti-Union for Decades

Thanks to Trump, organized labor has one more enemy on the Supreme Court.

Livia Gershon

Welcome to Our Look Back at Trump's Chaotic First Year

A series that will examine the most important actions of an odd presidency.

Harry Cheadle

This Is What a White Supremacist Department of Justice Looks Like

Jeff Sessions's tenure as attorney general shows how far to the right the Republican Party has swerved under Trump.

Sean McElwee