Trump’s tax returns

Trump Tax returns

Trump’s Now Arguing He Doesn't Have the Time to Be Investigated in Any Criminal Case

The move marks yet another front in Trump’s ever-widening legal battle to keep his finances, and specifically his tax returns, secret.
Greg Walters
3 days ago
trump taxes

Manhattan DA Has Subpoenaed 8 Years of Trump's Tax Returns

It remains unclear why the Manhattan DA wants to see Trump’s tax returns.
Greg Walters
Trump Investigations

Deutsche Bank Basically Just Confirmed They Have Trump’s Tax Returns. That Should Make Him Nervous.

The apparent admission brings new urgency to the legal clash over Deutsche, which worked more closely with Trump than any other bank over two decades.
Greg Walters
Trump’s tax returns

Congress Just Got One Step Closer to Trump’s Tax Returns

A New York law gives Congress the "ability to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities... and ensure that no one is above the law."
Trone Dowd
trump taxes

House Democrats Finally Just Sued for Trump’s Tax Returns

The House Ways & Means Committee is seeking Trump’s personal and business tax returns using a little-known provision of the federal tax code known as Section 6103.
Greg Walters

Democrats Could Easily Get Trump’s Tax Returns. This Is Why They Won’t.

Greg Walters
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Democrats Just Got One Step Closer to Seeing What Trump’s Favorite Bank Has on Him

Trump’s week just got worse.
Greg Walters
The mueller report

Trump’s War to Keep His Finances Secret Just Lost Its First Battle

“This was definitely a win for the House.”
Greg Walters
Donald Trump

New York State has a plan to make sure Congress sees Trump’s tax returns

The move follows a request by the House Ways & Means Committee last week for six years worth of Trump’s tax returns.
Greg Walters
Donald Trump

House Democrats just demanded the IRS turn over Trump’s tax returns

The House Ways & Means Committee sent a request to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig for six years’ worth of President Trump’s tax returns, with a deadline of April 10.
Greg Walters

AOC and other progressive freshmen will get to grill Trump officials from their new committee seats

Justice Democrats backed all four new members of the House Oversight Committee.
Rex Santus