truth zone


Megg Thinks About the Looming Future

In the latest episode of "Megg, Mogg, & Owl," Megg thinks about death and her friends cheer her up.


Stop Staring at My Sandwich

In this classic Megg, Mogg, & Owl comic the characters look a little different. Check out the comic that has the whole internet shouting compliments at it!


Megg, Mogg, & Mike

Owl sucks. Mike is the new Owl.


High School

What were Megg, Mogg, and Owl like in high school? The answer may surprise you in this epic story.


Altered Beasts

Megg needs to go to some normal person event and she needs Mogg to join her. Unfortunately, he's high as shit and sleeping in the garage.


The Hot Dog with the Open Packaging

Megg and Mogg need to stop waking up at 2 AM and only eating from 7-11.


Megg, Mogg, & Michael Snow

Megg wants to leave the bar but Mogg is addicted to playing CSI pinball.


Television Network Meeting

Megg, Mogg, and Owl have a meeting to pitch a TV show and they prepare by getting very high and then proceed to keep getting high during the meeting.


St. Owl's Bay

Megg, Mogg, and Owl decide to go camping to enjoy some well-deserved R&R. It doesn't turn out very well.


Dracula Jr. Totally Sucks

While our heroes were in Amsterdam, Werewolf Jones turned their home into an official "fuck zone."