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The Anti-HIV Drug PrEP May Be Getting Unfairly Blamed for STDs

The data shows that the opposite could be true.
VICE Staff

Meet the Man Helping Patients Bring Cheap HIV-Preventing Drugs to Canada

The Calgary nurse got the idea from 'Dallas Buyers Club.'
Mike Miksche

The FDA Has Approved Generic PrEP—but Access May Remain Difficult

Experts cited complicated factors, like patient and doctor awareness and the unique way the US HIV medication market functions, as reasons not to get your hopes up.
Keren Landman

PrEP Access for Men of Color Is a Thornier Problem Than We Think

Too few are on the drug, and encouraging adoption is going to involve more than awareness campaigns.
Tyler Trykowski

Why Nobody's Funding the HIV-Prevention Strategy Ten Times More Effective than PrEP

TasP—or Treatment as Prevention—aims to promote awareness that it's incredibly difficult to get HIV from someone who's undetectable. But that idea is proving a hard pill to swallow
Mike Miksche
10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Person with HIV

"I don't think I need curing. I take one pill a day, and that being enough to stop me transmitting it, I feel that's all the cure I need."
Morgan Harries

Why Aren't Doctors Prescribing PrEP?

PrEP is a near-miraculous tool to fight HIV, but blind spots in our healthcare system and clinician biases may be inhibiting its use.
Keren Landman
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Californians Can Now Get PrEP Delivered to Their Doors, No Doctor's Visit Required

An app billing itself as "Uber for birth control" plans to start delivering the HIV preventative medication, and will even send doctors out to conduct blood tests.
Helen Donahue

​How Gay Men Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Semen

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when semen became the focus of so much erotic fixation in the gay community. What was once stigmatized as disease-ridden poison is now celebrated. Whatever the case, semen is everywhere these days.
Matthew Terrell

Hookup Apps Are Doing a Better Job at HIV Prevention Than the Government

While Health Canada drags its feet to approve it, PrEP is becoming a selling point on Grindr and Scruff.
Brigitte Noël
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New Research Shows Truvada, the HIV-Prevention Pill, Is 100 Percent Effective

The first "real world" study on the pill proves that it's an effective method of HIV prevention.
River Donaghey
The Make Believe Issue

Why Isn’t a Revolutionary HIV Medication Getting to Sex Workers?

Thanks to widespread stigma and cultural incompetency within the health-care system, Truvada is not reaching the people who may need it most.
Caelainn Hogan