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Robots Are Learning How to Say 'No' to Humans

Science fiction is filled with disobedient robots, and now we’re creating them in reality.


I Will Wear This Headband to Make the Notifications Stop

Phylter can tell when you're busy by monitoring your brain, and will cut those distracting notifications out.


What 24,000 Facebook Confession Posts Tell Us About College

It’s not all about partying and academics at Tufts.


Artificial Intelligence Solved the Mystery of Flatworm Regeneration

A centuries-old head-scratcher took just 42 hours for a computer to solve.


Medical Marijuana License Is No Shield Against Felony Possession Charges on University Campuses

Medical Marijuana user Andre Maestas is charged with felony possession of pot on Arizona State University's campus, even though medical marijuana is legal in the state


Ebola Riots in Sierra Leone Highlight Marginalized Youth Population

Two people were reportedly killed in the town of Koidu after a former youth leader refused to let health officials take his grandmother to an Ebola treatment center.


Your Brain Can Be Trained to Prefer Salad Over Burgers

Scientists at Tufts University have studied the brain's reward center and found that, with the right shift in diet, our grey matter can be trained to actually prefer healthy food over crappy stuff.