Can Stambeli, the Spiritual Music of Tunisia, Be Saved?

For centuries, the Tunisian spiritual music has been misunderstood. Now, musicians like Salah el Ouergli are trying to keep it from disappearing entirely.
Sarah Souli
Tunisian food

This Fiery Tunisian Soup Is Not for the Faint of Heart

A gutbomb of chickpeas, stale bread, eggs, and a whole lot of harissa, <i>lablabi</i> is a favorite of the Tunisian working class.
Thessa Lageman

Inside the Carthage Film Festival After the Tunis Suicide Bombing

Despite a suicide bombing hours before and a national state of emergency, Africa's oldest film festival carried on.
Kaleem Aftab

Building a Video Game Studio in Post-Revolution Tunisia

Digitalmania has created 47 games and is now worth $1.5 million.
Kouichi Shirayanagi

Runaways from Tunisia Search for an Identity in Jihad

Seddik had told his parents that he would be home at 6:30 PM. They called the police to report their son missing. When the police arrived at a suspect’s house, his family said he had already left to fight in Syria shortly after communicating with...
Mat Nashed

How Tunisians Are Fighting Free-Speech Limitations with Slam Poetry

Although the rights to free speech and freedom of assembly have improved significantly since Tunisia’s revolution—an uprising that toppled former dictator Ben Ali in 2010—police have continued to target and beat outspoken artists at public...
Mat Nashed

Ladies Wore Bikinis, Not Burkas, in La Goulette

The stories old-timers tell about the Tunisia suburb run counter to the way the West views the Arab World. It was a place where three religions and five languages intermixed, Jews and Muslims partied together, and young ladies flaunted their beach...
Sam Kimball

Meet Klay BBJ, the Tunisian Rapper Who Was Jailed for Hating Everything

Klay BBJ and Weld el 15 were sentenced to jail after a performance that was deemed to be too critical of the nation's police force. The government's harsh treatment of the rapper gained international attention. We met him right after his release in...
Nissaf Slama, Photos: Zied Ben Taleb

We Spoke to Femen About Their Topless Tunisian Protest

Yesterday, three members of the feminist activist group Femen staged a topless protest outside the Ministry of Justice in Tunis, Tunisia. It is thought to be the first topless feminist protest to ever take place in the Arab world.
Milene Larsson

Femen Are Being Attacked by Nazis and Sent to Prison

Femen's Paris headquarters is under siege by neo-Nazis. And last week, they found out that Tunisian Femen activist Amina Tyler, the 19-year-old who was drugged and given a virginity test after posting topless protest pictures of herself on Facebook...
Milene Larsson

Teenagers and Salafists Storm the American Embassy in Tunisia

The first Tunisian Revolution was carried out by the educated middle class, who fought to end corruption and petty authoritarianism. After Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, the Salafists ("Islamists") were let out of jail and took advantage of the power...
Alex McQuillan

Ram-Fighting with Maradona in Tunisia

It's like the Champion’s League, but with goats.
Venetia Rainey