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L Train Shutdown News for New Yorkers and Transit Nerds Everywhere


New Yorkers Are Skeptically Optimistic About the L Train Non-Shutdown

It seems... good? But maybe also catastrophically bad?


A Brief Timeline of the L Train Shutdown Clusterfuck

What the heck happened?


Rideshare Companies Want to Replace the L Train When It Shuts Down

Bad news for commuters could be good news for companies like Lyft and Uber.


Could Weed Save New York's Awful Subways?

A new proposal called Weed for Rails thinks so.


How New York’s Streets Are Changing for the L Train Shutdown

A few months ahead of the shutdown, we took a look at how the city is getting ready.


New York City Wants to End Its Classist E-Bike Policy

The bikes are technically illegal, yet that hasn’t stopped thousands of New Yorkers from using them.


What Will Amazon's HQ2 Mean for Transit in Queens?

When the L Train goes offline, Long Island City will have to make room for hordes of rerouted passengers. Can the city handle a corporate giant too?


Albany Finally Has a Chance to Reform the Subways

With full Democratic control of the statehouse for the first time since 2010, New York lawmakers are now confronted with a huge undertaking: fixing New York City’s subway system.


The L Train Shutdown Is Really Happening

It all starts on April 27, 2019.


Ghouls Are the Least Scary Part of the Upcoming L Train Shutdown

We went to a haunted house that imagines a future in which the L train is overrun by murderous transit workers and hip DJs.


A Fancy New E-Ferry Wants to Save New York's L Train Commuters

They'll have coffee and booze and maybe avocado toast?