A Bizarre New Species of Mollusk Eats Rocks, Poops Sand, and Shapes Rivers

Lithoredo abatanica, a very weird shipworm found in a river in the Philippines, represents both a new species and genus.


A Massive Underground Drug Tunnel to Mexico Was Found Underneath an Abandoned KFC

Feds stumbled upon the underground passageway after cops busted the building's owner with meth, coke, heroin, and fentanyl.


These Dazzling Gemstones Are Home to Microbes

It's the first time traces of life have been found inside these precious jewels.


London's Secret Tunnels, Used to Hide Art During WWI, Open for Ride-Throughs

London's Postal Museum opens to the public July 28th.


MIT Students Made An Interactive, Augmented Reality Mural

This is not your grandparents' mural.


Here’s a First Look at Elon Musk’s Ambitious Underground Tunnel Company

If Elon Musk can land a rocket on a barge in the ocean, maybe he can dig giant underground tunnels to fix our long commutes.


This Chinese Company Wants to Be the Best at Boring

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We Go Inside the Tunnels of Gaza Tonight on VICELAND

Watch the series premiere of 'Black Market: Dispatches' our new show where we embed ourselves inside criminal enterprises to explore how contraband moves across borders.


This Machine Creates a Relaxing Shower for Violent Tunnel Explosions

NATO helped finance a device for dampening blasts in confined spaces.


Hamas and Israel Trade Blows in Gaza During Worst Week of Violence Since 2014

While both sides say they want to maintain the peace, Israeli soldiers moved into the strip to blow up cross-border tunnels, Hamas retaliated with mortar fire, and Israel responded with tank shelling and aerial assaults.


The Race Is on for Israel to Finalize Its Tunnel Fighting Technology

Israel is reportedly testing new tunnel-fighting technology which will use sensors to detect hidden activity. Time is of the essence as Hamas is rapidly rebuilding underground.