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A Public Official Was Allegedly Ousted for Being Too Obsessed With Tupac

What, a 66-year-old high-level state employee can't send Tupac-related emails to 4,300 colleagues and bring 'Thug Life' cookies to his birthday?
Taylor Hosking

Why It's Nearly Impossible to Make a Good Biopic

From 'All Eyez on Me' to 'Nina' to 'Lincoln,' there are a lot of ways to tell and/or ruin a life story.
Tari Ngangura
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We Talked to French Rappers About Their Favorite 2Pac Songs

While everyone tears apart 'All Eyez On Me,' these French rappers shift focus.
Maxime Delcourt

The Sex Assault Portrayal in the Tupac Biopic Was Inexcusably Bad

A heavy topic like sexual assault deserves to be portrayed with nuance and respect.
Manisha Krishnan

To Play Snoop Dogg in a Movie, You've Got to Smoke His Favorite Weed Strain

Actor Jarrett Ellis employed some unique methods to get into character for his role in the new Tupac Shakur biopic, 'All Eyez on Me.'
David Bienenstock
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See A Playful 2Pac in this Behind the Scenes Clip From 'Juice'

In honor of the film's 25th anniversary, see a young Pac nail his Tony Montana impression.
Lawrence Burney
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Snoop Dogg's Speech Inducting Tupac Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Was Moving, Poignant, and Packed With Weird Stories

“That's right,” Snoop said at the ceremony in Brooklyn. “Tupac is the one that got Snoop Dogg smoking weed. I was a zig-zag man before that shit.”
Alex Robert Ross
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You Can Buy Tupac's Prisoner ID Card or Personal Qu'ran in an Upcoming Auction

Some of the late rapper's personal effects are being auctioned off in Brooklyn on Friday, reportedly without his mother's involvement.
Lauren O'Neill
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Snoop Dogg Will Induct Tupac Shakur Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

An all-star tribute to the late rapper is still yet to be locked down.
Alex Robert Ross
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Christmas Carol Service Accidentally Prints Lyrics to Tupac’s “Hail Mary” Instead of 15th Century Prayer

“Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin' pussy,” read the program at the Joy to the World Catholic Festival in Sri Lanka.
Alex Robert Ross
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Nile Rodgers "Perplexed" to Be in the Rock Hall of Fame Without Chic

The 2017 inductees were announced today.
Alexander Iadarola
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Tupac, Pearl Jam, Journey Will Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Your step dad chose the other three artists.
Alex Robert Ross