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Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Just Got Renewed for a Fourth Season

Along with the series’ previously announced third season, it’s set to go into production in spring 2020.


Piers Morgan Forgot to Challenge Donald Trump on Anything

Whenever someone goes on 'Good Morning Britain' to defend trans rights they can't get a word in edgeways. Yet, when the most powerful man in the world said global warming doesn't exist, Morgan was suddenly left speechless.


TV Weathercasters Are Being Recruited to Convince People Climate Change Is Real

Weathercasters' on-air reporting about climate change increased over 1,200 percent between 2013 and 2016.


Is There Really a Media Blackout on Sikh Deaths in India?

Over the weekend, Jagmeet Singh interrupted 'Sunday Morning Live' to talk about the killings of two Sikh youths during a peaceful protest, sparking online fury about a lack of media coverage. I had a chat with Singh about the complaints.


Did This Woman Just Solve an Arson on Live TV?

Apparently Heather Tenney's cousin started it because he was mad he couldn't get with her.


News Crews in San Francisco Got Robbed on Live TV Today

The viewing public heard a reporter yell, "Don't shoot, don't shoot!"


'Nightcrawler' Is Media Criticism Disguised as a Thriller

I spoke to Dan Gilroy about why he thinks local TV news is bad for us and how today's lack of job security hurts young people.


There Was Just a Historic Legal Ruling for People Who Yell About Howard Stern's Penis

Yesterday, a judge in New York heard a "Booey Bombing" case in an actual court. Tax dollars were spent.In the end, the defendant, Joseph "Joey Boots" Bassolino got his case dismissed. Afterward, I talked to Joey to find out how it all unfolded, along...