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Trump's Former Lawyer Is Now Thrashing to a Punk Band Called Copstabber

Ty Cobb was spotted shredding an air guitar at the band's show in DC while they played hits like "Butt Drugs" and "I Like Cocaine."
Drew Schwartz
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Clinton's impeachment lawyer is joining Trump's legal team

Out: the one lawyer urging President Donald Trump to fully cooperate with the special counsel investigation. In: former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer.
Taylor Dolven
Team Trump

Rudy Giuliani takes the job no one wanted: Trump’s lawyer

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has joined Team Trump, legally speaking.
Carter Sherman
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House denies (again) plan to fire Mueller, another explosion in Austin injures two, UK and EU strike a deal on Brexit transition, and more.
VICE Staff
Special Counsel

Trump’s lawyer says Trump doesn’t know what he’s saying

The president spoke “hurriedly.”
David Gilbert
Special Counsel

Trump meltdown “not about special counsel,” lawyer claims

The president frantically fired off four tweets in 24 minutes, an outburst White House lawyer Ty Cobb implausibly said were “unrelated to the activities of the special counsel.”
David Gilbert
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Ty Cobb Goes After A Heckler, And His Teammates Go On Strike

In 1912, the Detroit Tigers conducted the first (unofficial) strike in baseball history, protesting Ty Cobb's suspension for attacking a heckling New York fan.
Michael Weinreb
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The Greatest Sports Card Collection Ever Is Finally Where Everyone Can See It

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has owned the greatest card collection ever for nearly 70 years, and kept it mostly out of sight. Now, slowly, it is arriving online.
Joe DeLessio

Johnny Manziel and a Brief History of Athletes Beating Up Fans

Mr. Football joins Charles Barkley, Babe Ruth, and many others on a long list of athletes accused of being less than kind to the fan community.
Jack Moore
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Jeter Ties Wagner, Dewey Defeats Truman

Derek Jeter and Honus Wagner played the same position, but not the same game.
W.M. Akers
Fan Fiction

Baseball Erotica #3: Ty Cobb and the Golden Showers

Leigh Cowart

The Baseball Hall of Fame Is the Worst Thing About Baseball

How can a museum in sleepy upstate New York inspire so much noise?
Patrick Sauer