typewriter art


This Artist Recycles Typewriters into Guns

Eric Nado joins the history of type with the history of war in his thought provoking series of typewriter-guns.


Chhhhk—Ding! Here's a Clever Animation Made Entirely on a Typewriter

This unique short tells the story of aviator and typist Amy Johnson's record-breaking flight from England to Australia.


Awesome Typewriter Drawings Come Alive in 3D Color

Portland-based artist Rachel Mulder brings color to her latest series of distorted typewriter drawings.


Typewriter Drawings Turn Photos into Distorted Portraits

Artist and printmaker Rachel Mulder uses a manual typewriter to “draw” impressionistic portraits.


New Anthology Explores Modern Artwork Made On Typewriters

Barrie Tullett's new book, "Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology" reveals the illustrative beauty of art made with typewriters.