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Major Chicken Processor Fined $264K Over Finger Amputation Incident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced this week that it was going to fine Tyson $263,498. That’s because Tyson was found to have violated regulations that left its employees in danger.


Are the Workers Who Process America's Chicken Forced to Wear Diapers?

According to a new report from Oxfam America, workers are regularly forced to wear diapers on the line because they are not permitted to take regular bathroom breaks. Others just urinate or defecate while on the line.


Chicken Industry Workers Wear Diapers Because Bosses Allow No Breaks, NGO Says

Most poultry workers surveyed say that leaving the production line to use the restroom is a privilege, not a right.


Activists Claim Footage Shows Slaughterhouse Workers 'Tormenting Frightened Animals for Fun'

The group Mercy For Animals used a hidden camera to record undercover footage at a Tyson Foods chicken slaughterhouse in Mississippi.


The Big Chicken Industry Really Treats Its Workers Like Shit

America's growing demand for cheap poultry is squeezing the industry, and the people who work long shifts at breakneck speed for low pay, often with little compensation for injuries incurred on the job, are bearing the brunt of it.