FOIA: How Police Convinced the FAA to Put a No Fly Zone Over Standing Rock

"We need to ensure the movement of law enforcement trying to protect the innocent is not being broadcast live by the use of drones."


Human vs. Drone Combat Is the New Normal

US human pilots have shot down two enemy drones this month alone. But according to one expert, one day soon—within the next two decades—the drones will outmatch the best human pilots.


The US Military’s Drone-Killing Planes Are Hunting ISIS’s Weaponized Quadcopters

In October, American forces in the Middle East had at least two aircraft capable of jamming radio signals used by insurgents to trigger bombs on the ground.


Tim Coppens's Latest Clothing Line Is Sportswear for Fashion Heads

Talking to the award-winning designer about sports, skateboarding, and his new collaboration with Under Armour.


The UK Wants Swarms of Drones for Defence Missions

Ministry of Defence launches competition for drone swarms that can track individuals and jam communications.


NOAA Says Drone Pilots Can't Film Endangered Whales

NOAA says the Endangered Species Act prevents any aircraft, including drones, from flying within 500 yards of protected species.


The Pentagon Wants to Build Massive Flying Motherships for Drones

DARPA — the mad scientists of the Pentagon — have put out a request for proposals about how to launch and recover drones from other aircraft in flight.


Inside 'Black Dart,' the US Military's War On Drones

The military's annual and, until this year, very secret Exercise Black Dart is about finding ways to kill enemy drones — which means it's also about the future of air power.


The United States Is Experimenting With Drones To Control The Weather

The Desert Research Institute in Nevada is testing drones for cloud-seeding processes. And it could be a $90 billion dollar revenue-producing industry.


Small Drones Are a Bigger Privacy Threat Than the NSA, Says Senate Intel Chair

"60 Minutes" hears about Dianne Feinstein's encounter with a toy helicopter but misses half of the drone story.