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Anthony Johnson Will File a Complaint With New York Commission Over "Towel-Gate"

More fallout from yet another bungled MMA event in New York.


Cage Captions: UFC 210

Based on hundreds of painstaking hours of research and data, Cage Captions combines statistics gathered from virtually every UFC fight along with as many walkout songs as humanly possible.


Mousasi versus Weidman: The Best Disappointing Fight of the Year

Gegard Mousasi's disdainful jab and active butterfly guard looked to be taking control of a great fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 210, before tragedy and confused officiating shot it down. Has Mousasi finally put it all together?


​Anthony Johnson's Retirement Won't Last

A baffling title-fight loss at UFC 210 and the ghost of Jon Jones are just two reasons why.


Daniel Cormier Gets Away With Leaning on a Towel, While Pearl Gonzalez Gets Busted for Having Breast Implants

The New York State Athletic Commission drops the hammer on a UFC newcomer while letting a champ get away with one.


Chris Weidman Took Inspiration From "Rocky III" While Training for This Weekend's Fight

The former middleweight champion reconnects with his Spartan Stallion roots.


UFC 210 One to Watch: Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira

Can Will Brooks earn an accelerated path to UFC title contention a la Eddie Alvarez, or will Charles Oliveira match his namesake and get the better of the former Bellator champion?


Thiago Alves' Lightweight Experiment Is Over Before It Began

Thiago Alves will be facing Patrick Cote at welterweight on Saturday, signalling an end to his attempts to fight as a lightweight.


The Tactical Guide to Rumble vs. Cormier

We study the habits of both men and ask whether Cormier can hold back the clock, or if Johnson can find the patience necessary to dispatch the reigning light heavyweight champion.