DJ Rachael Wants to See More Women in Ugandan Dance Music

The producer is lighting up the East African electronic scene and getting young women into music through her collective, Femme Electronic.
Alice McCool

Life in an Ethiopian Refugee Camp Is Even Worse When You're Gay

There's no fleeing cultural ideology.
Madeline Moitozo

What It Was Like to Be Joseph Kony's Bodyguard

An excerpt from 'When the Walking Defeats You', a book about a young man who became one the bodyguard to one of the 21st century's most notorious warlords before making his escape.
Ledio Cakaj

Life as a Refugee in Uganda Is Full of Opportunity and Frustration

Uganda's open policy allows refugees to start a new life—and even a new business. But not all of them thrive.
Anna Patton

Stunning Photos of Uganda's Nocturnal Grasshopper Trappers

In this stunning series Michele Sibiloni leaves the club scene behind for the fields of Uganda.
Michele Sibiloni
The They Come Out at Night Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's November Issue

We spoke with photographer Michele Sibiloni about the inspiration behind his nocturnal work in Kampala.
Michele Sibiloni

How Uganda Turned a Public Circumcision Ritual into a Tourist Attraction

Last month, more than 30,000 people showed up to watch young Ugandan men get their foreskins sliced in public.
VICE Staff

How an Intricate Inmate Soccer League Is Helping Prisoners in Africa

Check out a free episode from 'VICE World of Sports,' where we explore the highly organized soccer league behind the walls of Uganda's only maximum-security prison.
VICE Staff

Step Inside Uganda's Sophisticated Prison Soccer League Tonight on 'VICE World of Sports'

Tonight on VICELAND, we visit Uganda's only maximum security prison and its elaborate inmate soccer league.
VICE Staff
The Up Close and Personal Issue

Inside the Ugandan Mall at the Center of China's East African Investments

Thousands of Chinese entrepreneurs poured into Uganda following a trail of billions of dollars in state-led investment. Mukwano Mall is their self-sustaining universe.
Mansi Choksi and Kim Wall
The We Missed You Issue

The Brutal Consequences of Uganda's Infamous Anti-Gay Law

Uganda's infamous anti-gay law forced hundreds of LGBT people to flee to Kenya, a country nearly as inhospitable as their home. What can the UN do to protect them?
Jacob Kushner
Jacob Kushner; Photos by Jake Naughton

Photos of People in Uganda Partying Hard to Defy the Country's Repressive Laws

We spoke to the photographer who documented a red light district going strong in the face of draconian anti-sex laws.
Tshepo Mokoena; Photos: Michele Sibiloni