UK politics


Boris Johnson’s Incredible Self-Own Keeps Getting Worse

British MPs voted Wednesday to block Boris Johnson from pulling the UK out of the EU without a deal in place — thwarting his kamikaze Brexit strategy.


Former UK MP Nick Clegg Has Been Offered a Job as a DJ

A bar co-founded by his Labour party successor has offered him a night called "CLEGGERS PLAYS POP."


How About That British Election, Huh?

For once, people who don’t want to squeeze the poor and pour pressure on the NHS have woken up… not totally depressed.


Teens Explain Why Jeremy Corbyn Is 'Daddy'

The leader of the Labour Party is definitely someone's daddy, but could he be a sexy daddy too?


This Scottish Town Is Planning to Give Residents Free Money

Could Kelty's citizens income experiment show the way to utopia?


Exploring the Mental Health Crisis in Britain's Prisons

The police, the probation service and the country's health services are all feeling the strain of dealing with offenders with mental health problems—and in many cases failing.


The man who led the Brexit campaign is now Britain's chief diplomat

Former mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has a reputation for gaffes and controversy, and had just been kicked out of the race to lead the Tories.


Theresa May: What you need to know about the UK's new prime minister

May will be only the second woman in the history of the United Kingdom to assume the prime minister's office, and has been called a “bloody difficult woman" by at least one of her fellow conservative lawmakers.


How the UK's Incoming Female Prime Minister Voted on Women's Issues

Conservative MP Theresa May is set to become the UK's second female Prime Minister—but does she really have women's best interests in mind? We looked back over her voting record to find out.


How Boris Johnson's Dream of Leading Britain Died

It wasn't meant to end up this way for the former Mayor of London who'd been working his way up through the Conservative party for years.