Red Star Belgrade Welcomes Arsenal to the Post-Apocalypse

That's incentive enough for Arsenal to aim for something higher than fourth place in the EPL, huh?
Liam Daniel Pierce
On the Run

Meet the Man Who's Just Run an Ultra Marathon on All Seven Continents

Joel Runyon completed the challenge to raise money for Pencils of Promise, a charity that builds schools in the developing world.
Jim Weeks
beitar nordia

Breakaway Club Beitar Nordia Are Rejecting the Racism of La Familia's Far-Right Ultras

With the far-right La Familia ultras driving fans away from Beitar Jerusalem games, a breakaway club sprung up. Beitar Nordia are preaching tolerance from the stands as they seek to climb the Israeli football ladder.
Reuben Lewis
pilgrimage to the allsvenskan

How Soccer Betting Led Me on a ​Pilgrimage to a Fierce Swedish Derby

At some point, most of us will have felt newfound affection for a club when their success wins us a bet. But has your passion ever grown so strong that you travelled to Sweden to watch them play a derby match?
Sam Farley

Ultras at Champions League Match Pepper Spray UEFA Stewards

Legia Warsaw ultras got their hands on some pepper spray and turned it on the stewards at the Dortmund match today.
Leander Schaerlaeckens
soccer hooliganism

English, Welsh, and Russian Fans Clash Again in France

More violence between England, Wales, and Russia in France during Euro 2016.
Sean Newell

War on the Horizon: Italian Ultras Prepare to Take on Red Bull

After buying Salzburg and Leipzig and obliterating their identities, Red Bull could now expand into Italy by sponsoring Udinese. But the fans are against it – and they're ready to go to war.
Markus Hofmann

VICE World of Sports Episode Guide: The Eternal Derby

In Serbia, one thing has endured communism and civil war: The Eternal Derby. Each year, a soccer rivalry tears Belgrade apart, where gameplay is overshadowed by "Ultra" fan violence.
VICE Sports

The Socialist Soccer Fans Who Saved MLS From Neo-Nazis

New York's Empire Supporters Club has changed a lot since its early years, when many members were socialist and anarchist activists, and when one of their main concerns was whether the stands would become a haven for fascists or far-right extremists.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

Black Dynamo Kiev Fans Attacked by Other Dynamo Kiev Fans During Chelsea Match

Dynamo Kiev fans appear to attack black fans during Chelsea match.
Sean Newell

Ukrainian Soccer Fans Accused of Acting Like 'Rabid Dogs' After Match in Kiev Descends Into Chaos

A Europa League match was stopped 15 minutes early after a small group of masked Dynamo Kyiv fans invaded the pitch and attacked supporters of the rival team.
Pierre Longeray

Against Modern Football, the Controversial Movement to Reclaim a Sport from Capitalism Gone Mad

Banishing the worst of soccer's fans from stadiums has been a double-edged sword that Against Modern Football wishes to turn against those ruling the sport.
Leander Schaerlaeckens