UN General Assembly


We Can't Solely Rely on World Leaders at the UN to Effect Global Change

As diplomats meet at the United Nations this week, it’s more important than ever that all people are empowered to engage the challenges of these times.
Michael Shank
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Discuss Trump's 'Nambia' Blunder

The VICELAND hosts talked about Trump's awkward lunch with a delegation of African leaders at the UN.
Sarah Bellman
Rise Up

Global People's Summit Seeks to Engage All in Social Impact Conversation

The Global People’s Summit +Social Good in partnership with the United Nations is trying to get people around the world involved with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Aaron Barksdale

How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Way the UN Thinks

Did you know the UN has a Creative Director? He's working to turn VR's power into policy.
Beckett Mufson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Obama Calls for a 'Better Model of Cooperation' in Final Address to UN As President

He also managed to throw in a few indirect jabs at Donald Trump.
VICE Staff
The Holy Cow Issue

What Would a World with Legal Weed Look Like?

While many think of legal weed as an unmitigated good, legalization and regulation could present hardship for some.
Krishna Andavolu

Is Iran's New President Capable of Talking His Way to Peace with Israel?

At this year's UN General Assembly, instead of making assertions about Israelis massacring landowners and railing against "Zionist murderers," Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani moved away from the anti-Israel diatribes and focused on the improvement...
Alon Aviram