Confederate Monuments

Watch 200 people knock over Confederate statue “Silent Sam”

Videos posted to Twitter show the statue draped in banners and toppling to the ground Monday night amid cheering and applause.
Emma Ockerman

Ref Ted Valentine Turns Back on UNC Player Asking for a Call

"TV Teddy" struck again during a nationally televised game between the Tar Heels and Florida State.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The NFL Creates a Red Zone-Style Operation for Concussions

The league announced new protocols, which are a welcome change. But how weren't they doing all this stuff already?
Dave Lozo
the world according to mitch

Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter Account is Insanely Good

Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter account is a delight.
Sean Newell

Luke May Was Back in Class This Morning 13 Hours After Sending UNC to the Final Four

Luke Maye got a standing ovation in his Business 101 class hours after he sent UNC to the Final Four.
Sean Newell

Kentucky Fans Experience the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat in Seconds

Kentucky fan reactions to the final seconds of the UNC game were beautiful and human art.
Sean Newell

This UNC vs. Kentucky Game Couldn't Have Ended In Any Other Way But Sheer Insanity

UNC vs. Kentucky ended in a wild shootout that saw two back-to-back deep shots drained within seven seconds of each other.
Aanu Adeoye
college basketball

College Basketball is Here to Save You

Rick Pitino losing his mind, Duke just straight up losing. It was a good night for college basketball.
Sean Newell

NCAA Reverses Course Again, Adds Charges in UNC Academic Fraud Case

UNC's 2005 men's basketball national championship may be in jeopardy.
Kevin Trahan
isiah thomas

Isiah Thomas Holds Up Crying Jordan Sign after Indiana Beats UNC

Thomas and Jordan have a history together from their playing days on the Pistons and Bulls, but Isiah says they are "friendly" now. Sure.
Mike Vorkunov
sexual assault

Alleged UNC Rape Victim Says She 'Felt Like a Suspect'

Delaney Robinson told reporters this week that UNC junior linebacker Allen Artis assaulted her earlier this year, and, up until yesterday, the university had done nothing to hold him accountable.
Kimberly Lawson
north carolina

UNC Student Accuses Football Player of Rape, Says University "Has Done Nothing"

Delaney Robinson claims it has been six months since she reported a football player raped her, and the school has failed to act.
Sean Newell