Uncle Sam


'Tijuana, USA,' Today's Comic by Urbano Ortega Matta

A Tijuana local grows frustrated with her hometown's gentrification.


The Mystery of the Insane, Racist Decor in an NYC Condo Building

Locals told us that after a condo boss's Halloween decorations were vandalized, he went full super-villain on tenants.


Never Forget Deuce, Clint Dempsey's Rap Alter-Ego and Future Hero of the 2014 World Cup

If only there was a World Cup of music, then at least the USMNT would have a shot. Time to remember Deuce.


Never Forget Deuce, Clint Dempsey’s Rap Alter-Ego and Future Hero of the 2014 World Cup

The World Cup is here, so let's turn up, listen to pro-athletes rap, and get amped to kick some balls.


How Airbnb Makes Tax Day So Much Worse

Freelancers’ finances are trying in the best of times, but recently the cash-strapped artists turned novice hoteliers, who rent their spare rooms or even couches to travelers on Airbnb, are experiencing another obstacle.


Repair Your Credit By Being a Dick

If huge corporations can have millions of dollars worth of debt forgiven just because, surely Uncle Sam can pick up my $20,000 tab from the early 2000s.


Uncle Sam Wants Your Lightbulbs

When I heard that the government was going to start regulating light bulb use in order to help save the environment, I was very upset. This is so insane to me. My immediate concern was if I would still be allowed to buy black lights to show off my...