Uncle Sam


'Tijuana, USA,' Today's Comic by Urbano Ortega Matta

A Tijuana local grows frustrated with her hometown's gentrification.
Urbano Ortega Matta
New York

The Mystery of the Insane, Racist Decor in an NYC Condo Building

Locals told us that after a condo boss's Halloween decorations were vandalized, he went full super-villain on tenants.
Allie Conti
The World Cup

Never Forget Deuce, Clint Dempsey's Rap Alter-Ego and Future Hero of the 2014 World Cup

If only there was a World Cup of music, then at least the USMNT would have a shot. Time to remember Deuce.
Eric Sundermann
The World Cup... of Music!

Never Forget Deuce, Clint Dempsey’s Rap Alter-Ego and Future Hero of the 2014 World Cup

The World Cup is here, so let's turn up, listen to pro-athletes rap, and get amped to kick some balls.
Eric Sundermann

How Airbnb Makes Tax Day So Much Worse

Freelancers’ finances are trying in the best of times, but recently the cash-strapped artists turned novice hoteliers, who rent their spare rooms or even couches to travelers on Airbnb, are experiencing another obstacle.
Sonja Sharp

Repair Your Credit By Being a Dick

If huge corporations can have millions of dollars worth of debt forgiven just because, surely Uncle Sam can pick up my $20,000 tab from the early 2000s.
Steven Randolph
Motherboard Blog

Uncle Sam Wants Your Lightbulbs

When I heard that the government was going to start regulating light bulb use in order to help save the environment, I was very upset. This is so insane to me. My immediate concern was if I would still be allowed to buy black lights to show off my...
Jenny Pacillo