At COP22, Young Photographers Give a Face to Climate Change

COP22's International Youth Photo Competition reminds legislatures that climate change is everyone’s problem, encouraging comprehensive and inclusive action.


Congo's Youth-Led Protest Movement Vows to Keep Fighting, After a Disputed Referendum

Following violent protests, a constitutional referendum held in Congo passed by a landslide, lifting restrictions on President Denis Sassou Nguesso standing for another term — after 32 years in charge.


Gunmen Are Holding Some 300 Tunisians Hostage in Coastal Libyan Town

Hundreds of Tunisians are being held in the town of Sabartha by militiamen who demand that Tunisian authorities release a Libyan official detained at the Tunis airport on Saturday.


The Economies of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone Have Been Wrecked by Ebola

Experts say the $300 million pledge — the details of which are to be announced in January — is crucial for Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. But they also warn it could pile further debt on the countries, among Africa's poorest.


'It's a Time Bomb': How the Pacific is Being Fed to Death by Western Food

The Pacific is facing an obesity and diabetes epidemic, thanks in large part to a world trade system set up by rich Western countries.