Trump's 'Record Economy' Is Making Americans Miserable

Except the rich ones, who are stoked.
Alex Norcia
Invisible Jobs

What It’s Like to Be a Woman Working in Construction

Solid union wages are a big draw—and a great equalizer—but being the only woman on a 500-person crew comes with its own set of challenges.
Anita Hamilton
The Power and Privilege Issue

Millennial Gigs vs. Baby Boomer Careers

Despite being stereotyped as lazy, millennials put in just about as many hours as baby boomers while getting paid less for it. We look at how the way we work has changed significantly over the generations.
Haisam Hussein
workplace ghosting

How Companies Are Dealing with Millennials Ghosting on Their Jobs

Low unemployment rates in certain sectors and 'texting culture' can mean abrupt departures that create frustration for employers.
Anne Gaviola
High Wire

No, High Workers Aren't What's Wrong with America's Economy

Bosses keep complaining that they can't find middle-class workers with clean urine—as if that's a real reason why inequality is so high in this country.
Maia Szalavitz

We're Launching an Apprentice Program for Formerly Incarcerated People

Starting early next year, we'll welcome formerly incarcerated people to work with us at our Brooklyn office in production, editorial, marketing, and other creative roles.
VICE Staff

The Struggling Canadian Coal Town Desperate to Return to Its Roots

On Cape Breton Island, where the last coal mine closed in 2001 after years of industry decline, an underwater mine near the 500-person village of Donkin is set to bring coal back.
Katie Toth

What Would Happen if the Coffee Plant Went Extinct?

Apparently climate change could make this terrible, terrible thing happen. We asked some experts about the anxiety, unemployment, and energy drink addiction it might cause.
Samantha Power
Caribbean cooking

Meet the Woman Behind Blackpool's Only Caribbean Cafe

Sharon Taylor’s Caribbean cafe makes its home among the northern coastal town’s cheap boozers, chip shops, and fortune tellers.
Kamila Rymajdo
Uber Earth

Uber’s Next Stop: America’s Military Bases

Veterans tell Motherboard that UberMilitary, the company’s outreach program, addresses problems in their lives that the average American may not be aware of.
Nicholas Deleon

France's Unemployment Benefits Are So Good Young People Are Getting Fired on Purpose

With 7.9 million people unemployed in the US, leaving a stable job because you just didn't feel like working can seem reckless to some or a complete dick move to others.
Souen Léger

The Real Story Behind Chicago's Horrific Gun Violence

Sky-high unemployment in communities of color is a key factor behind a massive spike in gun violence so far this year.
Deborah Douglas