This Film Festival Offers Solutions to Climate Change

The Film4Climate Global Video Competition showcases how filmmakers are engaged in decision-making, commanding universal attention and action at the COP22.
Eleanor Lambert
paris climate summit

Nations Agree to Historic Pact on Climate Change

The agreement seeks to transition the world's economies toward cleaner forms of energy in just a few decades in the hopes of heading off dangerous levels of global warming.
paris climate summit

This Former UN Climate Chief Is Concerned Paris Agreement Won't Go Far Enough

As negotiators from nearly 200 nations seek to hammer out a global agreement on climate change, Yvo de Boer worries that it may not be enough to boost clean energy investment and hold off dangerous levels of warming.
Geoff Dembicki
paris climate summit

It's Pretty Obvious Not Enough Is Being Done Ahead of the Paris Climate Talks

Several analyses show that current carbon reduction pledges made by the world's governments are inadequate for keeping global temperature rise within 2 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Age levels.
Matt Smith
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Six Months Before the Paris Climate Talks, Nations Have a Lot of Work to Do

An analysis of greenhouse gas reduction pledges shows that a lot more needs to be done to hold off a dangerous level of global warming.
Rob Verger
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The Campaign to Kick Out Fossil Fuel Companies from The UN Climate Talks

A decade ago, public health advocates successfully isolated tobacco companies from UN negotiations about regulating the industry — and now climate activists are trying to do the same with fossil fuel companies.
Peter Rugh
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The Great Recession May Have Been the Best Chance We Had To Address Climate Change

UK economist Lord Nicholas Stern says world leaders see economic prosperity and efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions as antithetical — and that's a mistake.
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Canada's Carbon Cutting Pledge Is Criticized for Being the Weakest Among Leading Economies

The government announced on Friday a plan to cut emissions by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.
Natalie Alcoba
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Supporters of a UN Climate Pact Say It's an Economic Issue — Not Just a Moral One

World leaders will meet in Paris later this year to hammer out a deal on cutting carbon pollution — an effort compatible with economic growth, says UN climate agency head.
Matt Smith

They Warned Iran's Ayatollah About a Deal on Nukes, Now the GOP Cautions the World on Climate Pact

As part of UN climate negotiations, President Obama committed the US to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 28 percent by 2025 compared to 2005 levels.
Matt Smith

Here's How Much Obama Says the US Will Cut Carbon Pollution

Ahead of UN climate change talks in Paris at the end of the year, the Obama administration has submitted a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent by 2025 compared to 2005 levels.
Laura Dattaro

UN Climate Change Talks Reach Agreement to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

After days of discord, negotiators from nearly 200 nations approve a framework for cutting greenhouse gas emissions that will be approved next year in Paris.
Alex Pashley