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Tinder Is Fighting to Get Interracial Couple Emojis in Your Phone

The dating app proposed 21 new designs that would be more representative of modern relationships.


Apple's New Emojis Will Blow Your Lid

A slew of icons, released in celebration of World Emoji Day, reveal new hijab, breastfeeding, and elf icons.


69 New Emojis Announced, Including Breastfeeding Woman, Woman with Headscarf, and Steak

New symbols are coming to Emoji 5.0, including vampires, zombies, merpeople, and bearded men.


The 72 New Emojis Are All About Throwing Shade

The internet is about to get a lot more passive-aggressive.


The All-Seeing Eye, and Other Strange New Emojis

This one's for the weirdos.


Food Allergy Emojis Could Be Coming to Smartphones and Menus

A Japanese Google engineer is hoping that new emojis for common allergens could create safer dining for those with allergies.


GIF Six-Pack: World Emoji Day

GIF artists like Anne Horel can soon use 38 new emoji like bacon, selfies, avocados...


Emojis of Color Are (Finally) Here

The emoji library gets a much-needed update with the arrival of OS X 10.10.3 beta.


Read Obama's Entire State of the Union Address in Emojis

This is how you fit a momentous speech into 140 characters or less.


We May Soon Get a Taco Emoji (and a Hot Dog and Prayer Beads and...)

The Unicode Consortium have announced 37 new emoji characters—and yes, the taco is one of them.


This Guy Wants $25,000 to Translate the Bible Into Emojis

A conversation with Kamran Kastle, a guy with an ambitious plan to translate more than 31,000 verses of the Old and New Testament into emojis.


Here's A Guide To The Best New Emoji Technology

With "Game of Thrones" emoji on the horizon, we take a look at six of the best new developments in these post-modern hieroglyphics.