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zero days

A Saudi Cybersecurity Company Tried to Buy Zero Day Exploits from Me

We recently got a rare look at how a company tried to source these exploits through private one-on-one deals—because the company came to us.
Joseph Cox
Privacy and Perception Issue

Defining Home As We Move Toward the Digital Realm

Farah Al Qasimi found and photographed places that reminded her of home in the UAE
Farah Al Qasimi
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Photos That Show How We Define Home as We Move Toward the Digital Realm

Photographer Farah Al Qasimi found and photographed places that reminded her of home in the UAE.
Farah Al Qasimi
syrian civil war

Trump wants to build an Arab military force to take over from U.S. troops in Syria

“We have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region."
Tim Hume

This is Not Your Typical Pitch Invader Video

Someone in the United Arab Emirates has reinvented the pitch invasion.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Watch Eddie Huang Ride a Camel into the Desert

The VICELAND host flies to the heart of the UAE for a taste of the region's ancient culture and a look at how new residents are diversifying the city.
VICE Staff

The Dubai Torch residential tower caught fire again

Zeke Spector

U.S. interrogates detainees in Yemen’s torture-filled prisons

David Gilbert
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Attorneys general to sue President Trump over foreign payments, Puerto Rico opts for US statehood in disputed (non-binding) vote, Russian opposition leader detained ahead of Moscow rally, and more.
VICE Staff

'Apolitical' FIFA Removes Qatari Referees Due to Diplomatic Crisis

On the same day that Gianni Infantino said that FIFA's role is "not to interfere in geopolitics," they removed a Qatari ref on the United Arab Emirates' request, citing the 'geopolitical situation.'
Liam Daniel Pierce
Dystopia Now

Dubai Wants to Use Data to Become the 'Happiest City on Earth'

Dr. Aisha Butti Bin Bishr, director of Smart Dubai, tells us about the city's efforts to harvest customer data to improve government services. But who defines what happiness is?
Grennan Milliken
art fairs

Modernism, Voyeurism, and a Sentient Parrot: Highlights from Dubai Art Week 2017

From Sharjah Biennial to Art Dubai, a week of exploring the Gulf’s art capital.
Kat Herriman