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Employers Struggle to Respond as More Workers Overdose on the Job

Despite the growing epidemic of Americans misusing opioids and overdosing on the job, many employers turn a blind eye to addiction within their workforce—ill-equipped or unwilling to confront an issue they are at a loss to handle.


A New Book Chronicles How Pharma and Doctors Jumpstarted the Opioid Epidemic

“Dopesick” looks at how the makers of OxyContin targeted doctors in struggling areas with terrifying precision—and tragic consequences.


The Facebook Page That Led to 30 Drug-Rehab Arrests

One informant reported having been paid in heroin to live in a sober home and collect money from visitors who sexually assaulted female residents.


My Dad Overdosed on Opioids on Purpose

He was one of the large number of people in this country whose overdose was a suicide.


Drug Dealers on Facebook Are Targeting People With Addiction

I posed as a potential customer and experienced the most aggressive marketing tactics.


Everything You Need to Know About K2, the Dangerous Weed Knockoff

“There’s nothing 'natural' about it. They’re just deadly chemicals made in a lab."


1 in 5 Young People Who Died in 2016 Overdosed on Opioids

In 2001, opioids were a factor in 4.2 percent of deaths among people ages 25 to 34. By 2016, that number had nearly quadrupled to 20 percent.


My Baby Was Born With a Drug Dependence

Tiny changes in the treatment protocols could spare thousands of infants from the same fate.


How to Get Naloxone

Everything you need to know about buying and using the anti-overdose drug.


New Opioid Memorial Demeans People Who Died From Painkiller Overdoses

The National Safety Council's "Prescribed to Death" memorial not only dehumanizes people, it also ignores those who died from street drugs like heroin. Trump will host it in front of the White House in April.


Drug Deaths Are Highest in Regions with More Divorce and Single-Parent Families

A new study suggests that geography is far less important in explaining overdose deaths than are family life and job opportunities.


The Maker of OxyContin Is Funding Efforts to Fight Addiction: Is It ‘Blood Money’ or Charity?

Purdue Pharma, whose top-selling painkiller, OxyContin, helped fuel the opioid epidemic, now wants to help treat it—or at least salvage its own reputation.