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Here's the Insanely Small Amount of Weed That Got UGA LB Popped for Possesion

The charge against Georgia's Natrez Patrick have been dropped. Probably because you can barely even possess something this small.


Auburn Player Partakes in Espionage, Infiltrates Georgia Basketball Huddle

Georgia won 96-84, despite the best efforts of Auburn's counterintelligence operatives.


College Coach Expense Reports: Mark Richt, University of Georgia

In this occasional series, we will highlight some of the expenses filed by some of America's highest-paid university employees. First up, former Georgia coach Mark Richt.


Narcissism In Male College Students Linked to Sexual Assault

Researchers attempt to link a psychological disorder with the proclivity for sexual assault.


The Dispersants Used After the BP Blowout Did More Harm Than Good

In the race to respond to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, researchers say it may have been better to let natural systems disperse oil rather than use chemical dispersants.


Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone Is Now a Thriving Wildlife Habitat

A recent study concludes that the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is starting to look more like a de facto nature reserve, teeming with elk, roe deer, red deer, wild boar, and wolves.


Tiny Marine Organisms at the Base of the Food Chain Are Eating the Plastic We Toss in the Oceans

Researchers in British Columbia found that some adult zooplankton were consuming as many as 90 particles of plastic a day.


Scientists Want to Feed Your Moldy Muffins to Livestock

After a little overzealous grocery shopping and a lively week of eating out night after night, we often find ourselves with a pile of formerly delicious food rotting away in the fridge. But instead of throwing it out, we could be feeding it to cows.